E.S. Tunis & Associates

E.S. Tunis & Associates (ESTA) is a network of management consultants based in Ottawa, Canada. A Canadian incorporated company in business since 1991, we advise public and not-for-profit sector clients both in Canada and internationally. The firm has had experience leading consulting assignments in more than 100 different international, federal and provincial departments and agencies.


ESTA develops strategic plans for teams, departments and organizations that clearly define their future direction and the steps that need to be taken to arrive at it. Our consultants use a proven approach that takes into account the uniqueness of each client’s needs and available resources.

Change Management

ESTA helps its clients manage and monitor the change process when new initiatives are being implemented in their organization. Our goal is to ensure that corporate-wide or departmental transformations are made in a planned and coordinated manner and that staff are actively engaged.

Learning and Development

ESTA develops blended learning programs that build management and leadership competencies that complement large and small change interventions. We provide services throughout the entire learning development cycle from the learning needs analysis phase to program delivery.